Cut wire steel shots

Cut wire steel shots

SSJ has created its own unique space amongst cut wire steel shots manufacturers. Unlike other manufacturers who produce cast steel shots, we manufacture it from high carbon grade-II wire. Each particle is cut to a length about equal to its diameter.


There are many cut wire steel shots manufacturers but very few have the infrastructure, competitive advantage, and desire to provide solutions as per the customers’ needs.
Despite being a new name in the industry we have created a strong foothold and are proving to be not only a strong competitor but also a innovator for other cut wire steel shots manufacturers.


Our cut wire steel shots are price cheap and quality rich substitute for cast steel shots. Advantages of using our cut wire steel shots over cast steel shots are as follows:


Parameter CWSS Cast Steel Shots
Raw Material Exact composition without any defects (blow holes, porosity, shrinkage etc.). Wears out nominally. Far lower physical property & composition; causes defects that makes it to fracture into small particles.
Hardness Marginal Variation (50-52 HRC) Varies a lot (40-50 HRC)
Dust No dust generation High dust generation
Grain Size No variation Varies a lot
Performance Consistency High consistency as size & hardness have no variation Lower consistency as size and hardness varies a lot
Shots Consumption Consumption reduces by 30% to 50% Higher consumption
Time Consumption Reduces time for shot blasting Higher consumption increases working cycle time
Inventory Cost Reduced operation cost due to low inventory cost High consumption leads to more money & space


Carbon 0.60% to 0.80%
Manganese 1.10% max
Sulphur 0.045% max
Phosphorous 0.035% max
Silicon 0.35% max
Hardness 50-52 HRC

stainless steel shots


Cut Wire Dimension (inch) CWSS dimension (mm) Equivalent Cast Shot Size
CW 47 1.20 S-390
CW 54 1.40 S-460
CW 62 1.60 S-550
CW 71 1.80 S-660

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