High carbon steel scrap

High carbon steel scrap

scrap tyre suppliers

SSJ has become a very reliable name as steel scrap suppliers. We provide our customers with steel wire scrap from various sources. Our tyre steel wire scrap is high carbon steel scrap. This steel wire scrap can be supplied in free loose form and also in form of approx.25 kg compressed bales.


This tyre steel wire scrap is obtained from crushing the tyre, unlike burning the tyre in the case of TDF. This tyre steel wire scrap from crushed tyre is of better quality than the burnt steel wire scrap. As reliable steel scrap suppliers we ensure to provide steel wire scrap material of high quality and the chemical test results of loose form as well as baled material are appended below for your reference:-


LOOSE SCRAP 0.76 0.028 0.068 0.023 0.027
BALED SCRAP 0.79 0.024 0.046 0.019 0.024

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