Tube Reclaim Rubber


SSJ is a leading supplier of tube reclaim rubber in India. We carry products of selected few reclaim rubber manufacturers whose quality is up to the mark of the industry standards.Many manufacturers of reclaim rubber in India have relied on our sales channel to create huge market for them. We offer butyl tube reclaim, chloro-butyl reclaim, and natural tube reclaim.

As we have a deep understanding of the final product we are able to supply segmented raw materials like butyl inner tube scrap, chloro-butyl tube, and natural tube to the reclaim rubber manufacturers. The specifications of three segments of reclaim rubber products that we offer are as follows:


SSJ Butyl Tube Recalim SSJ Natural Tube Reclaim SSJ Chloro Butyl Reclaim
Ash % 4±2 30±4 8 Max
Acetone % 9±3 11±4 10±4
Carbon % 32±4 20±7 32±4
Moisture 1.0Max 1.0Max 1.0Max
RHC % 50 Min 40 Min 50 Min
Hardness Shore A 51±3 60±5 45±5
Tensile Str. kg/cm2 75 Min 35 Min 35 Min
Elongation at Break% 480 Min 200 Min 450 Min
Specific Gravity 1.14±0.02 1.25±0.05 1.14±0.02
Mooney 1+4@100C 40±10 35±15 45±15
Uses Butyl Rubber Inner Tubes. Inner Liners of Radial Tire, Sealants, Tapes Natural Rubber Inner Tubes, Molded and Extruded Rubber Parts Chloro Butyl Rubber Inner Tubes, Sealant, Tapes

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