Rubber Products

Reprocessed Rubber Products:-

Upcycling is the new wave of sustainable fashion. Upcycling is environmentally more rewarding than recycling; however it is difficult to explain the difference between the two in words. SSJ has ventured into the upcycling segment of the rubber industry and believes that it will create tremendous value for the society. We also plan to upcycle various other rubber scrap and create useful products.


End of life tires are still strong and have incredible durability which presents an opportunity to convert these tires into products that can be designed for use in engineering applications. We manufacture customized components from end of life tyres that provide low cost as well as reliable solutions. Some components that we cut are rubber pads for laminated tires, dock bumper pads, wheel chock pads which are used to manufacture laminated tires, laminated dock bumpers, and laminated wheel chocks respectively.


Choosing the kind of material and mechanism used to make tools that cut rubber in desired dimension is not an ordinary job. Our skillful engineers are an exquisite resource for designing and making precision tools. These tools are crafted by keeping in mind the various properties of rubber.

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